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Abs Yoga International

Abs Yoga International’ came into existence in 2008 from thousands of years old wisdom of Himalayan yogis, with a mission to teach the most advanced yoga practices which are physically possible by common men, who live in modern world and whose daily schedule/activities are bound to follow modern lifestyle because of family & professional responsibilities.

Abs Yoga TM involves the yoga techniques practiced and taught by enlighten yogis in Himalaya since ages; for transforming ordinaries men into yogis. These practices have countless additional-benefits in the areas of health, wellness and bliss but the ‘most talked about’ or ‘most popular’ external benefits of Abs Yoga are {which people get immediate after starting their yoga practice} :-
weight loss; increasing strength & flexibility; reducing tummy and treating back pain, asthma, neck pain, diabetes, obesity, stress, arthritis, blood pressure (high or low), constipation, depression, gastric problems, insomnia, infertility, irregular periods, digestive disorders, joint pain, piles, snoring, sinus problems, thyroid (hyper / hypo), vertigo and improving concentration, eyesight and achieving flat stomach, glowing skin, six pac abs, good sleep.

Abs Yoga TM practice makes your physical body strong, subtle body healthy, emotional body calm and activates your energy body. Abs Yoga TM (Advanced Bahirang Systems of yoga) helps you to excel in every field of life before making your spiritual path smooth.
*Abs Yoga TM is a tradition from PATANJALI, taught & learnt in traditional way (Guru Sishya Parampra) since more than 5000 years; now presented with scientific understanding.
*Patanjali Ji describedDualities can be overcome by practicing ASANAS of Bahirang Yoga’. Good innovative state of mind and best health with strong body can be achieved. Mind reaches the state of meditation by merely practicingASANAS’ of Abs Yoga TM (Advanced Bahirang Systems of Yoga). Advanced asanas of Bahirang Yoga expand the pranic energy in the body.
*Abs Yoga TM has 4 core systems of yoga. Each system covers all limbs of Bahirang Yoga while specially emphasizing on one aspect. The four systems are

  • ABS Power YogaTM :          Yoga system for immense power !TM
  • ABS Ghatasth yoga TM        Yoga system for involuntary organs !TM
  • ABS Hatha Yoga TM :           Yoga system for flourishing happiness !TM
  • ABS Ashtanga yoga TM :     Complete yoga for day & night !TM

  An Abs Yoga practitioner follows the 10 disciplines :

Classical Names
Names in Hindi
English Translation / English names
Social Discipline Root principals of social development to be followed by every yoga practitioner. These rules harmonies the connection between supreme consciousness with individual consciousness  
Individual Discipline Root principals of Individual development to be followed by every yoga practitioner. These rules raise the consciousness to next level.
Cleansing processes / Yogic hygiene for body and mind Elemental Purifying Techniques
Yoga Sadhan Kriya
योग साधन क्रिया
Energetical Discipline Root principles of maintaining and resetting compatibility between 'Physical Body', 'Subtle Body' (Energy Body) and 'Emotional Body'.
Physical Postures / yogic poses Somato-Psyche System ( Physical Postures / yogic poses based on Science of Pranic flow )
Breathing Exercises Breathing Miracles (The science of pranic energy and breathing )
Mudras (combination of postures, breathing & locks ) Superfine techniques of pranic upliftment. Practice involves Postures, Breathing & Locks in specific patterns.
Locks Energy diversion
Introversion Psycho techniques / Senses withdrawals Techniques, science & rules of Detachment
Meditation ( 7 Steps )
धारणा, ध्यान, समाधि
Bahirang Meditation ( 7 Steps of mind training ) Advanced & ancient system of Psychic techniques starting from neuron relaxation and reaches to wisdom

Abs Yoga Studios, Abs Yoga schools and Abs Yoga Retreat Centres in India at Rishikesh, Goa, Delhi, Gurgaon and Kerala and in Russia at Chelyabinsk are filling the joy in life & beyond through Abs Yoga classes (for advanced & beginners), teachers training & tailored courses; Abs Yoga retreats & workshops and personal training in Abs Ashtanga Yoga, Abs Power Yoga, Abs Ghatasth Yoga and Abs Hatha Yoga..

To enjoy yoga holidays & weight loss, join yoga retreat with Sunil Dahiya. To improve your fitness & health attend yoga classes with ‘champion of champions’. To learn and enjoy the easy way of advanced yoga Postures (asanas) join a yoga course with Indian Yoga King. To become a professionally skilled, popular, reputed and certified teacher enroll for yoga teacher training course at Abs Yoga School Rishikesh or Kerala Yoga Academy, India. If you are already a certified yoga teacher, do not miss the 'Yoga Teacher Upgradation Course' and personal training in case of 'Advanced Yoga Teacher'.

Abs Yoga in Russia

Russia Coordinating Centre
Ulitsa Truda 62 A,
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Phone : +7 9090 79 1305 (Рус)
              +7 968 115 0001 (Eng)
Email :


Abs Yoga in Rishikesh,
Abs Yoga School Rishikesh
Yoga Centre for Teacher's Training,
Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, UK, India
Phone : +91 – 90 488 90 299
Email :

Abs Yoga in Kerala
Kerala Yoga Academy
Varkala Helipad,
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Phone : +91 – 90488 90299
Email :


Abs Yoga in Goa,
Abs Yoga Retreat Centre
Next to Tito's Lane,
Baga Beach, Goa, India
Phone : +91 – 90488 90299
Email :


Abs Yoga in Delhi
Naveen Dahiya’s Yoga Vision Studio
Yoga centre for courses & classes
Sanik Farm, New Delhi, India
Phone : +91 – 981 025 5506
Email :


Abs Yoga in Gurgaon
Naveen Dahiya’s Yoga Vision Studio
Yoga centre for courses & classes
Sec 31, Gurgaon, India
Phone : +91 – 981 025 5506
Email :