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About ABS Yoga
ABS Yoga is a system developed by WHO recognised yoga therapist + yoga champion which improves physical, emotional & intellectual health. And very quickly develops high levels of flexibility, strength & balance. Involuntary organ's workout makes it rare system.
Unique Upcoming 2023-2024
First Time in World
Individual & Customised Yoga Teacher Training Course | Yoga TTC | Teacher Upgradation
  • Save your time, money & life ! None becomes doctor by keep repeating study of anatomy ment for school kids for 10 or 20 years.
  • If you are tired of repeating Jal-neti etc in 200 / 500 hrs yoga ttc courses, you came to correct place now. This is what you need.
  • You need customised course ! Where curriculum of course is designed for YOU (or your company). And which is possible to modify and adapt according to YOUR NEED on daily basis.
  • Possible to practice / learn anything including SHATKARMAS / BUSINESS for specific country (except Siddhis, Samadhi and magical stuff).
  • For newcomers in teaching, Yoga Teacher Training certificate is issued. For already qualified teachers, Yoga Teacher Upgradation certificate is issued.
  • Recommended options (A) 100 hrs Yoga TTC (Half Day), (B) 200 hrs Yoga TTC (Half Day) and (C) 200 hrs Yoga TTC (Full Day).

Course starts from as low as 5000 Euros. Included: accommodation, food (vegetarian) & tuition fee.
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Yoga TTC in India
Work 3 hrs / day, earn USD 6000 / month. Be your boss ! Learn from world champions, research scholars & international business owners. For : winning market, the championships, the brand, the profile, the reputation, the trust of your clients . . . . Learn from winners only so that YOU WIN YOUR OWN TRUST.

After this course you will never require to dig for clients, never need lie for profession (about schedule, classes, prices & everything), will never be afraid of concurrence !.
"If you are already yoga teacher since years, you will enjoy, love and appreciate this course more than any & every other study course / retreat / training" - Sunil Dahiya

Price Starts from : 3000 USD (three thousand dollars).
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Yoga TTC + Business Launch Course
VIP : Yoga Teachers Training Course X 2 (India + Russia)
It is combination of two courses of 30 days in India and Russia :
  1. INDIA (12 December - 12 january ) : Yoga Teacher Training Course
  2. RUSSIA ( 01 Feb - 01 Mar 2024) : Teaching Practice + Internship + Learning Business (Opening studios, branding, marketing, company registration & taxation.
    - It is one month program in Russia (Moscow / Sochi or in another city)
    - Accommodation will be provided
    - Travelling cost (Air tickets + Visa etc) are not included
    - Support & guidance for visa will be provided
    - We will provide real life business situation for group & individual classes
    - You will be responsible to teach 2 or 3 yoga classes a day
    - You will be taught launching a yoga business (Opening studios, branding, marketing, company registration & taxation) as well as how to find a job.
Price Starts from : 6000 USD (six thousand dollars).
Royal yoga teacher, Sunil has trained family of one of richest of world (as per fobs top 50 list), family of defense minister of India, family of Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, and trained the 'yoga teacher of Barack Hussein Obama'. Sunil is inventer of ABS Systems and founder of our company.
Our teachers
Because of helpful nature, precise guidance (deep knowledge & clear vision) which makes sure that his students will always excell like never before, Naveen Sir has been awarded title 'SIR' repeatedly by various groups, organisations and individuals including Indian Yoga Academy
+7-968-115-0001 (English)
+7-968-125-0001 (на русском)

M. Ozornaya
ABS Yoga C
Nikulinskaya Ulitsa, 21, Moscow, 119602
Opening Dec 2021

M. RamenkiABS Yoga A
Opening June 2024
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