If you do not have time, start yoga !
The System of ABS Yoga gradually appeared by 2008 from a thousands-years wisdom of Himalayan yogis.

It's mission is to teach the most advanced available yoga practices to modern man. living fast pace modern life.

Practices are selected, sequenced & synthesized to make them suitable for people who are forced to follow modern lifestyle due to family and professional responsibilities.

ABS Yoga - a system developed by yoga champion + yoga therapist which helps to improve physical, emotional & intellectual health. And develops high levels of flexibility, strength & balance very quickly.
Additional to enormous health benefits, these practices bring - good mood and a feeling of bliss.

  • The abdomen becomes flat, the skin becomes radiant;
  • Improves concentration, vision, sleep becomes beautiful;
  • Flexibility & strength increases and "6-Pac" appears;
  • Helps to treat back pain, asthma, neck pain, diabetes, obesity, stress, arthritis, blood pressure (increased or decreased), constipation, depression, stomach diseases, insomnia, infertility, irregular cycle in women, digestive disorders, joint pain, sinusitis, thyroids (hyper / hypo), dizziness.
Sunil Dahiya
  • Creator of two systems and four styles of yoga
  • Certified Examiner of the Indian Yoga Academy
  • Inspector of standards for schools and yoga centers in the "Fund for Ancient Culture and Education"
  • Guest Lecturer at several international universities & yoga institutes
  • A yoga therapist recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Author of several books on advanced yoga techniques
  • Researcher
  • Internationally renowned yoga masters trainer
  • National champion of India from 1997 to 2006
  • Founder and Director of ABS Yoga International
  • Sunil Dahiya has several prestigious awards, including the Bharat Yoga Samrat (Indian King of Yoga), presented by the Indian Yoga Federation; "Champion of the meet" ("champion of champions") from the government of Pondicherry; and "University Color in Yoga" from Delhi University.
Exercises in class are not just physical exercises, they affect the energy body. They give a lot of energy, and you feel an instant improvement in mood, vigor, self-confidence & courage.

In this yoga system, people do not need to practice meditation in order to gain mental / psychological / energy benefits. This happens automatically as by-product of it.

Depression and stress can not exist, regardless of the situation, if you regularly practice ABS Yoga for more than 3 months.

Luck & fortune begins to support you if you practice yoga in its purest form. If not, your yoga is not yoga. It's just exercise.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Надежда К.
    «Этот человек творит невероятное с телом»
    Сунил - удивительный преподаватель.

    Моё утро начинается с йоги. Благодаря Марии К., которая порекомендовала мне @absyogaindia . Этот человек творит невероятное с телом. После его занятий чувствуешь легкость, уходит депрессия, повышается настроение, чувствуешь себя моложе. А самое главное — не прибавляю в весе!
  • Николай М.
    «Моя спина обрела вторую молодость»

    Занимаюсь йогой более 7 лет, преподавателей много разных было. Сунил классный преподаватель, ведет с Душой, всем на занятии успевает уделить время и поправить. И даже с юмором иногда. После нескольких занятий спина моя просто обрела вторую молодость :) И Йога Радости очень понравилась.
  • Наталия
    «Я больше не встречала преподавателей такого уровня и квалификации».

    Сунил - удивительный преподаватель. Попадая на его занятия, думаешь, где ты: на тайском массаже, уроке вокала, остеопатии, мануальной терапии? Огромная благодарность, творческих успехов!

    Очень много помогает. Я больше пока не встречала преподавателей такого уровня и квалификации. Хотелось бы на занятиях больше пропевать мантры. Занятия просто волшебные!

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