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Sergey Kozivnik
Sunil Dahiya is the most contagiously cheerful and positive person in the world, classes give an improvement in both physical and psychological well-being. "The best therapy". Teaches you to smile, stand on your head and kindness :)
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Oksana (Red Square)
. . . since 2019 twice a week. I have never missed without a good reason (this has never happened to me before) :). A two-hour lesson takes place in one breath - always interesting, informative, different, difficult and again interesting. Sunil infects with energy and peace at the same time (an amazing combination).
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Natalia Romanova
And of course the body responds with gratitude. I don't just go to classes, I run there . . . and regret if I suddenly have to miss it. Despite a rather difficult year in personal terms, I felt absolutely happy precisely because of our classes. And I am immensely grateful to Sunil for this harmony of soul and body!
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Alla Petunina
. . . I'm not talking about Sunil's professionalism - he is a master of his craft and. . . a positive atmosphere is created, there is goodwill, and . . . there is such a feeling of satisfaction and such high spirits for the whole day that I want to do good deeds.
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We came to classes recently. . . together with an eight-year-old child. Sunil was able to ignite interest in the practice in a child! . . .Now my daughter is waiting for the lesson all week.
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Firsov Gennady
I want to note the high level of professionalism of Sunil, as well as his jokes and humor. . .more interesting and fruitful. The health and physical development benefits of exercise are clear. . . and Sunil managed to find his own approach to each of them.
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Irena Mednikova
I am glad that an ABS yoga studio has opened . . . even more glad to meet the teacher Sunil. A person with high professionalism, charisma and a sense of humor. All complex asanas are performed easily and with a smile . . . after class you don't want to leave.
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Naresh Khatri
I was suffering from slip disc/sciatica for last three years .My doctor suggest surgery as early as possible . . . online classes from master Sunil he teaches me some unique series of asan . . my condition is surprisingly improved . . . i really thanks Sunil sir.
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Nikolai Matiev
Among more than 50 yoga teachers which I had, Sunil was outstanding in terms of level. And in the classes there is a relaxed and sometimes even cheerful atmosphere and there is even laughter between asanas, which only work out better for this system. join us)
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Николай Матеев
I have been doing yoga for more than 7 years, there were many different teachers. Sunil is a great teacher, he leads with Soul, he manages to devote time to everyone during the lesson . . . After several classes, my back simply gained a second youth)
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Directly different quality of life with classes with Sunil and without them. I don't want to miss it at all, I build a schedule around them! I have been doing it for a long time, I notice my progress, I do what I didn't believe that it would work :). Thanks Sunil!
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Olga Dondokova
Sunil Dahiya is the most cheerful, kind and positive yoga teacher! Thanks to him, many learned how effective yoga practices can be!
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Polina Burkova
Yoga classes include physical activity and stretching, this has a very good effect on physical fitness and mental state. Master Sunil always helps and gives a positive mood and smiles. The ABC yoga system is suitable for people with different levels of training and for different ages.
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Tatyana Kazmiru
This is a special hour of yoga - yoga with a smile :) Through a smile, we enter the asana . . . you can perform those asanas that seem difficult, but with Sunil they are easy . . . The uniqueness of the Master . . . gives individual tips that help in mastering yoga with joy. . . Sunil, owning osteopathy . . correct the body. I like this versatility in yoga.
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Olga Simirnova
Sunil was . . more like a Guru with a capital G . . Sunil teaches classes in a very unusual way . . you just need to come to class once, or even better, go to a retreat with Sunil, an amazing experience . . will definitely remember for a lifetime!
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Gennadi Costine
Sunil is a teacher with a capital letter. . His energy in some mystical way helps . . His system is the most effective I have tried in the last 10 years. Sunil helps people become better with his kindness, smile, light coming from him. Classes are always a celebration not only of the body, but also of the Spirit.
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Alla Petunina
. . helps everyone . . teaches them to overcome themselves . . Children love him: they trust him, and you can't fool children . . The rule is to smile and not say "I can't." He teaches us to enjoy life, smile, and do good deeds for the benefit of society . . I am grateful to fate for introducing me to Sunil Dahiya.
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